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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looking For Clarity?

I know….. I am….. Don’t you hate getting those unsightly bumps every time bloody Mary shows up once a month? For me, it was usually one BIG zit on my right or left cheek. At times it would leave an ugly, long-lasting blemish. What a pain in the ass… I still get them from time to time, but it has greatly diminished, since my cousin put me onto Queen Afua’s Rejuvenating Clay (facial beauty mask) a couple of years back. You can actually feel it pulling the impurities out of our face. It’s so strong that if you leave it on too long (over an hour) or use it too many times during the week (more than 3x) it can burn your skin. Unfortunately, I was such a fan that I over-dosed and found out the hard way…… so just giving you the heads up. If you stay consistent, (that’s the key to most products) you will notice clear, glowing skin within weeks of your first application. When I started using it, friends were asking, “What have you been using on your face?” So it’s well worth its asking price of $18.00. It’s made with all natural ingredients including red clover & peppermint. Go to , click on Rhio’s Itinerary, then scroll down and click on shopping.

Now, I discovered this special cream while in Ghana - West Africa (that’s where it’s made), my mom would not stop raving about how wonderful it was, and you know MaMa always knows best. This cream is multi-purpose; you can use it for your face, body, and hair. It clears up just about anything from dandruff to ringworms. The last time I saw my mom, (cause she lives in Ghana) was about two years ago, at the time she was suffering from severe hair breakage on her sides (practically bald) it has since grown back and she credits Mercy Cream. The cream is also credited with keeping my children’s eczema dormant. I personally use it to fade blemishes on my face & body, and as a moisturizer for my scalp. Its ingredients include honey and aloe-vera, and ooh...what a bargain, find it @ for $4.00 a pop.