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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

B Healthy Series: 6 Great Websites For Health & Fitness is a website created by and for young women of color to provide information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy.

Started by a physician has a simple philosophy and mission: to be the premier Internet site dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of today’s African American woman. Furthermore, the site will educate and empower women on ways to improve their health status in an effort to live happier, more productive lives. is a unique online resource dedicated to helping women improve their health and well-being. We provide up-to-date medical information, access to leading medical experts and advocates, and a devoted community of women who ask questions, share stories, and connect with one another in a safe and supportive environment. is the brainchild of yoga instructor Robin Downes; who found a creative way of adding a little flava to yoga by including soulful grooves and ancient moves for healing and overall well being. - This site seeks to achieve the balance between living life and staying healthy features on fitness, sex & relationships, nutrition, weight loss, and women’s health issues. – This website features a food search menu that contains over 170,000 foods with detailed nutritional facts and calorie counts, their exercise library contains actual video instruction of various workouts from abdominal programs to strength building. Track what you eat online and record your workouts in minutes.

Later Mochas!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Atlanta Houswives Sheree Debuts Her Fashion Line - She by Sheree....Check It Out!

I think she played it way to safe..........

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And We're Back..........................

Hey Mochas…..kiss kiss and a big hug. Summer just flew by for me, since being in school (for fashion design), and slaving away on my laptop constructing my special announcement……… which is that Mocha Beauti will open an online beauty boutique for women of color this fall. I am beside myself with excitement. I would love to get some feedback from you all……feel free to leave comments in the box as well as suggestions, and constructive criticisms all is welcome……...because the shop is all about you. Click on the mocha beauti shop tab in the navigation bar above to check it out. The full site is not yet available, but followers of mocha beauti will get a sneak peek to most of the site soon. You can click on “push” located on the door to enter into the visitors lounge.

Besides that I’ll be introducing the B-Series to the blog which is the following:
B healthy
Health is vital to your overall being; being healthy adds vibrancy to everything you are and everything you do. MB is committed to keeping our mocha’s on point with simple exercise techniques, tasty (but nutritious) recipes, skincare treatments, healthy hair tips, and special commentary on women’s health issues.

B stylish
MB celebrates stylish diversity and believes fashion is what you make it. Everyone has a distinct style unto themselves, which gives us our own unique flavor. MB is really not into trends (unless it’s something irresistibly cute). We firmly believe a big part of being fashionable is being comfortable in your clothes and knowing what looks good on your body type. We’re big on accessories, color (vivid colors are beautiful on mocha skin tones), and trust that you can never go wrong with classic pieces.

B savvy
Knowledge is POWER! In an effort to empower; MB will share resourceful information and shed light on important topics including personal finance, small business, politics, and technology.

B grown
When I was a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a woman, I put away childish things (I Corinthians 13:11). Evolve and expand your mind. In life, you should always be in a continuous state of evolution. Be progressive in your relationships, advance your lifestyle, accomplish your goals - in short seek development in every part of your life.

Mocha Beauti will also introduce featured writers…………and look forward to special post on vendors featured at the shop.

Later Mochas.....It's good to be back.