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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beauty From Within - II

Being envious was one of the ugly traits I wanted to rid myself of. For me, it wasn't that I wasn’t genuinely happy for my friends’ successes (material gains, career growth, happily-ever-after-relationships, etc.). I never wanted exactly what they had, but I did want the feeling of accomplishment. I just felt like, what about me GOD? Why does all the good stuff happen to everybody else, even those who don’t deserve it? I realized that this was an unhealthy feeling, and through prayer I asked God to release this negativity from my spirit. Envy is one of those useless feelings that just weigh you down. Within days of that prayer I realized that:
1. It is none of my concern who got what, how they got it, and why they got it.
2. Whatever is for me, will be.
3. I should not question, doubt, or second –guess GOD.
4. The same energy that I am using to wonder why I’m not gaining the things I desire; can be used to go out and get the things that I desire.
5. Harboring feelings of envy is keeping me from prospering.

I hope this encourages someone to change one of their ugly traits. Peace.

Beauty From Within (II)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beauty From Within

Hey Fellow Mocha’s…. Now we all love beauty products, but no beauty product compares to my new “beauty regimen”. What is it you ask? Drum roll please……..It’s my diet, yes my diet. I am a nubie vegetarian, and even though it has only been three months, not only do I feel better, (no more niggeritis), but it has done wonders for my skin. Now I’m not suggesting you become a vegetarian I'm just saying that you should add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, cause it definitely shows.

Another comment about “Beauty From Within” - Looking good is only part of your overall beauty. Your character and behavior are a significant part of your beauty, and ugly traits can negate any beauty that you have. Take the survey - What are some of those ugly traits you currently posses that you would like to get rid of? Be honest with yourself, the only way you can change it - is if you acknowledge it. In my next post I'll discuss my ugly trait and how I got rid of it. Maybe it will inspire somebody. Till next time, Much Luv!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kissable Lips

Here are my faves for getting your lips soft, supple, and kissable:
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant, it softens immediately and the tube last forever, I’ve had mine for over a year. Also good for ashy elbows, knees, and dry patches. You can find it at any fine department store
$17.00.Burt’s Bees
Aside from this getting the job done, it also comes in flavors like strawberry, lemon-lime, cherry, and grape seed….........yummy. Only $4.99 at any organic shop or go to
Kiehl’s Lip Gloss
What can I say, Kiehl’s is always on point. Great if you’re looking for something with a little shine. $14.50 go to

Friday, October 3, 2008

OILY and Sensitive

It’s really hard to find a great moisturizer for your face when it seems to always moisturize it-self, but don’t get it twisted – the oils your face produce are not the same as the moisturizer you are supposed to apply after washing. Applying moisturizer is an important part of your skin care regimen. You are not just moisturizing, you are actually hydrating your skin. Hydrating your skin keeps it soft & supple (which allows it to mature gracefully). So do not, not moisturize. Just stay away from moisturizers that contain oil. For those with sensitive skin, obviously avoid moisturizers that contain harsh chemicals. Here are two great moisturizers suitable for both types: An old school favorite (your mom probably uses this) PONDS you can get it at any drugstore for $4.99
and super gentle Lily of the Desert’s, Aloe Vera Gelly you can find this at Whole Foods or any Organic Shop, $3.99.