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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beauty From Within - II

Being envious was one of the ugly traits I wanted to rid myself of. For me, it wasn't that I wasn’t genuinely happy for my friends’ successes (material gains, career growth, happily-ever-after-relationships, etc.). I never wanted exactly what they had, but I did want the feeling of accomplishment. I just felt like, what about me GOD? Why does all the good stuff happen to everybody else, even those who don’t deserve it? I realized that this was an unhealthy feeling, and through prayer I asked God to release this negativity from my spirit. Envy is one of those useless feelings that just weigh you down. Within days of that prayer I realized that:
1. It is none of my concern who got what, how they got it, and why they got it.
2. Whatever is for me, will be.
3. I should not question, doubt, or second –guess GOD.
4. The same energy that I am using to wonder why I’m not gaining the things I desire; can be used to go out and get the things that I desire.
5. Harboring feelings of envy is keeping me from prospering.

I hope this encourages someone to change one of their ugly traits. Peace.


Eb the Celeb said...

great advice

Mizrepresent said...

Whatever is for for me...Sound advice and words to live by! I have to say this everyday, believe me!

Brothers Blog said...

Amen to this. This is so true. As much as we try some times I think we all fall into this at times. But it's a daily thing we must try to avoid.

♥Niya♥ said...

Amen sista. When i realized just that i was able to prosper in my own life and those silly things that i thought i needed didn't matter anymore

Lil Honey B said...

Great realization.

koffeed said...

Great read. Made tons of sense.