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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smooth Skin & Fly Boots

We all need a little more moisture this time of year. Here are some great ones to get you through the season:Eucerin (Original Moisturizing Creme), a family favorite and Dermatologist recommended, find it at your local beauty supply for $12.99 or go to Another absolutely great one is Egyptian Magic; one of my male friends put me on to this one. It's actually one of those miracles creams you can use for just about anything. It really smooths the skin - I fell in love with it when I was desperately trying to get rid of a blemish for an upcoming date. It was gone within a week. Loaded with an exotic blend including royal jelly, olive oil, and honey bee pollen. Pure Magic!

Get it at: And last but not least good old-fashion Mary Kay's Oil Free Hydrating Gel (Normal/Oily Skin), packed with marine & green tea abstract, and vitamin E, $30.00 at: may be cold, but still cute! Check these out

Luichiny Annabel on sale for $48.95. Find at

Women's Bronx Roxan 13167 on sale for $78.95. Go
United Nude (Sharp Bubble Boot Mid) cost $92.00. Go to:

MIA Midnight (Black Stretch Velvet) cost $99.00. Go to: You can wear it like this

or like this Cute, right? Later, Mocha's!!


Mizrepresent said...

Eucherin i'm familiar with, but those boots are on fire!

Caro said...

Eucerin is the number one dry-skin relief. Been using it forever. Great blog!