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Monday, November 2, 2009

Men Are Not the Enemy

Often after a break up women adopt negative feelings about the opposite sex. We swear off the entire male population and proudly boast to our closest girls 'I'm never doing this again, I am done with men!" As much as this temporary exclaimation soothes our disposition, surely we don't mean it.

Yes,yes men can be thoughtless, insensitive,inconsiderate, egotistical, selfish,unfaithful,disrespectful down right jerks!!!! I agree. However,that is not a fair or true statement for ALL men. There are honest,loyal, respectful, sensitive,caring positive men in this world. Both genders bear positives and negatives in respect to relationships and let's be real, none of us are perfect.

Instead of blaming the man, how about examining ourselves. Are we truly ready for the kind of relationship we say we want? How well do we relate to ourselves? Do you love yourself enough for somebody to love you? Are we chosing the right man or the right now man?

I've had my share of break ups, but ultimately, being able to decipher who I am, what I need and what I'm prepared to give, allows me to make healthy decisions in my relationships.

These are questions we need to ask ourselves even if we fear the answers. Instead of condemning men, we should be condemning the confinements that shackle our conscious thoughts and values keeping us from loving ourselves truly and freely as we deserve.


Chantale said...

Hello Miss Lady love your blog, I nominated you for I love your blog award said...

Soooo true!!

Thank you for putting it out there like that!