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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pump Me

Well it's just about that time of the year where you start getting your pedicures done on a weekly basis; so that they can compliment your Spring/Summer shoes. I'm all about the pumps. There's nothing like a good pair of pumps to add a little sex-appeal to your fab. I'm currently in the midst of stocking up and had to share some of my favorite finds. Mochas....feast your eyes on these.......

BCBGGirls Amir Black Raw Leather, $109.95

Fergie Pepper Grape Soda Palatino Leather, $128.95

BCBGGirls Ariel Mulberry Painted Splash, $89.95 BCBGGirls Callya Brown Sugar Yellow/Snake, $110.00
Jessica Simpson Josette – Graphite Perfect Liquid, $78.95
Jessica Simpson Josette – Rust Degrade Patent, $78.95

Jessica Simpson Josette – Carbon Splatter Metallic, $78.95
Jessica Simpson Parigi – Shell/Burnt Pewter Studded Leather, $88.95
Johnathan Kanye Chareleston - Clear, $80.95

Dyeables Very Special Silver, $77.45

Johnathan Kayne Austrisa Taupe, $157.95
Sizzle Atlantis - $80.95

Shoes feautured are available at:Shop
Later Mochas!!


Diet Diva said...

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i will enjoy reading it!
XOXO Diet Diva!

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ZenMama said...

All those shoes are amazing :D
Wish I could afford the pewter studded pumps lol

Anonymous said...

Those are some hot shoes! Woo, but my feet are too big to fit any of them. Hehehe.

Thanks for joining my blog..

The Dark Bohemiian said...

definitely in love all the jessica simpson and the 2 last ..
awesome !!

The Dark Bohemiian said...

would you be inrested in links exchange ?