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Monday, April 20, 2009

What Men Really Think – I Would Never Marry Her

So the other day I’m in conversation with one of my male friends, who is African-American and in his early thirties. He is moderately successful in several business endeavors including film and television, and he loves to trick & treat. Ever since I have known him, he has exclusively dated Latinas (preferably Puerto Ricans & Dominicans), and even has a child with one. Keep note - He likes them young; if your over 26 that’s a little too long in the tubes for him. The nerve!!

So deep into our conversation, I’m like - “When are you gonna grow up, settle down, and find you a nice Spanish girl? He retorts. Yeah, I plan on getting married, but I would never marry a Spanish girl. I said, huh? What do you mean? That’s all you date. He stated, I would never marry a Spanish woman because, they don’t age well. Their looks start to fade by age 25 and after they have a kid or two it’s definitely a wrap, because their bodies be out of shape. Who ever I marry would have to be black, because they age gracefully and still look good into their forties & fifties. All I could say was – WOW. Isn’t that some sh*t, Mochas?!


Anonymous said...

Wow, What spanish women have to say about this guy?

I like black women too. But I've seen quite a lot of them weighing near the 100 Kgs.

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madz said...

If he do not intend to marry Spanish girls, he should have not dated them in the first place. :)

Seven said...

LOL! Wow! That is something.

KIM said...

Yeah that's a real trip. I've heard blk men who only date white chicks say that blk women gain too much weight and we are loud!! So I guess there is a little grease to go around when men are trying to explain their choices!

Anonymous said...


He should not say that for all Spanish women, but that's his opinion.

Why is it okay to date and have children outside of your race to only want to marry your own?

I don't get it.

Thanks for following my blog :)

LoudPen said...

This is ridiculous. Some black men are crazy. Why did he have a baby with a Spanish woman if they don't age well. That makes no sense. Sorry if I hurt your homeboy's feelings.

Nice blog by the way. Check out a woman with a loud mouth and an even louder pen at

An FTB Inc. Blog said...

Men are superficial, sorry to say but it's the truth. It's like the moped analogy; guys can have fun on a moped but are embarrassed to be seen on it. Maturity and a true understanding of love is the cure..the problem is, some of us have fun being sick.
-Captain jack

Milly said...

Sadly I hear many of my male friends speak this way...
Men in general are just visual creatures and some of them get to the point of ignorance and yet they never tell the women that they date that it wont ever get to that point(marriage that is).

Thanks for following my blog, I've added yours on to my follow list as well :)

brie said...

i say, more power to us! so true as well!

love your blog btw