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Monday, October 5, 2009

Leggings, Stockings, Knee Highs & Socks

Okay so the temperature is steadily dropping and it's time to cover up; check out these fun and vibrate essentials for your legs and feet. features opaque tights with funky patterns and cheerful colors; the store also carry's mini dresses, dancewear, and gloves.

Zebra Tights $14.00                                                

  Caroline Geys Custom Tights $45.00   

                                      Splash Color Nylon $10.00                                     

                          Fishnet  Lace $12.00                                        always fresh and fashion forward

RSARS Rochelle Satin $36.00                     

Printed Cotton Stripped Legging $30.00

RSASKTH Stripe Thigh - High $15.00

The is stocked with fun styles for everyone:
                                                            Camouflage Socks $11.99

                                                              Denim Pockets $11.99

 Camel Diamond Plaid $9.99

 Lion Stripe $13.99

Later, Mochas!!


KissyFace Artistry said...

I'm loving those thigh highs and colorful leggings.... Great finds!

a.eye said...

Thanks for the link. I have been meaning to try out the tights look... once I am able to overcome my childhood hatred of all things tight -- thanks to my mother for putting us in wool itchy tights for Sundays and Easter.